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Personal Truth Coaching is Changing its Name & Domain.

We are now called: 

Personal Truth:  Coaching and Energy Work

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Eventually, the material on this site will be relocated there.

Thanks for being such loyal clients.  I look forward to serving your needs in bigger and better ways.  

Cheers to Your Success!

  • Not happy with the way things are in your life?

  • Can’t stand it any longer? 

  • Seems like something will break in your work, relationships or your life?

  • Not sure how to make changes to become the man you know you can be?

I help unfulfilled successful men ready for change,

who want to be purposeful and feel fulfilled,

turn into strong and creative heroes.

There’s something going wrong in your life and you are ready to wake up, get honest with yourself and do what it takes to be fully alive once more.  You want to regain your power, create positive changes and take full charge of your life!

    If your life is less than you want, less than you deserve; don’t stew and brew.    Here’s help to change that!

“Man is so made that when anything fires up his soul, impossibilities vanish” 
-Jean de la Fontaine

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”           ~Ambrose Redmoon


  • What will make you go past your fears, your stressors, your being stuck or your pain?  What gives you the power to get up once more and move on?  To successfully get over a progressively raised bar, you need to change your strategies.
  • Transformation happens in stages and layers.  You absorb what you can, assimilate it and utilize it; then you can learn more and go to the next level.   When things go wrong, don’t follow along and act as if it’s right.  That’s how situations turn into big fat problems!
  • Coaching can quickly help you see that the things that are going wrong in your life are really things that you can easily put under your own control.  It all starts with letting go of what you have perceived about yourself or the situations as the truth and being open to realizing the possibilities of your own Personal Truth.

 “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.”
— Galileo

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A Link for the Ladies

A link for his supportive significant other.

“It’s easy to see the heroism in saving another’s life. But we all need to be saved at other levels too: Saved from drudgery, saved from overwhelm, saved from the voice in our head that beats us up.  Giving someone else what they need the most, when they most need it, is heroism on a daily basis. 

By recognizing the heroic in the seemingly ordinary, we celebrate the generosity of the people who save us all the time.” – Alison Armstrong

   Specializing in coaching men to living their truth and to be the leaders, husbands, fathers and men they desire to be.

Coaching to connect to you to

YOUR Personal Truth



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