About Monika

MonikaMonika coaches men who seem to have it all yet are still unhappy, go from their battleground to their playground!

Within months of being coached and incorporating empowering practices, people who work with Monika find that their stress levels go down, their happiness levels go up, they have taken command of their battlefield and are back to being their good-natured and playful self once more.

Personal Truth Coaching is a vehicle to connect you to what you want and to help you to disconnect from what no longer serves.  You move to a new place of discovery, a new place of possibility and a new place of power in your life.



Monika Dena Huppertz, B.Ed, of Personal Truth Coaching in Edmonton, Alberta, coaches people to connect to their own personal truth.  She specializes in coaching men to living their truth so that they can be the leaders, husbands, fathers and men they desire to be.

During her experience as a teacher, Monika noticed an increasing disconnect that many of the children had from their families; especially the boys. Over the years she noted a trend where young boys seemed increasingly agitated and down.  They lacked a strong sense of self and had low self-esteem. They weren’t happy and care free.  She noted over the years, that more and more of the male students seemed to be hypersensitive, had difficulty being sociable and had trouble making and maintaining friendships.

After the passing of her marriage, she re-entered the dating world and noticed that men had changed vastly from when she was in her twenties.  What surprised her most was seeing the same disconnect, agitation low self-esteem and forms of depression that she saw in her male students.

In an effort to gain better understanding of men and to create a loving and lasting relationship, she attended many courses and seminars, read numerous books, and viewed and listened to countless recordings on the topic of men, dating and successful relationships.

In an effort to connect more deeply with men, she wrote: From Zero to Hero: 7 Simple Steps for When Your Gal is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad.  It was a tool created to guide men to win a woman’s heart and respect, and as a means for the men to discover some secret reasons behind women’s actions.  Two more books in this trilogy are forthcoming.

Monika puts all of this wisdom and experience into her coaching program.  She believes that when men decide that they’ve had enough of being unhappy they will be open to down to earth guidance.  When men recognize and accept the benefits of letting go of their pain, shame, blame and guilt and allow themselves to connect to the truth of them contentbeing heroes – men who are wanted, needed, respected, valued and loved for who they are – that everyone benefits.  The men gain back their swagger, the children have a great dad, the wives get back their hero husbands and society gains a livelier, more productive, healthier and happier citizen.  Win – Win – Win!

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