A Man’s Need’s


Believe it or not, men are really not all that complicated to understand.  Puzzling; yes.  Diverse; yes.  Always thinking of just one thing; well, sometimes.  Yet a men truly aren’t difficult to understand when you know what drives him.

Just like women, men have certain basic needs that they seek to have met.

A man’s needs include:

  • providing,
  • being appreciated and understood,
  • camaraderie, which is his form of belonging
  • personal space,
  • being acknowledged or at least getting reactions for the time, efforts, actions or accomplishments that they’ve made
  • having his thoughts, opinions and emotions valued and respected,
  • winning (to have a successful return on any form of investment),
  • learning, growing and challenging himself,
  • opportunities to fix things, alter them or make them go away,
  • and having lots of fun.

It basically boils down to him feeling connected through camaraderie, having fun and feeling accomplished, loved, understood and appreciated.

The next Conscious Coaching tip will be #3 Comparing Men and Women’s Need’s

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