You are here because…

You are here because…

  • Something’s irritating you. You can’t quite put your finger on it but you know it has to stop.  You’re miserable and moody.  You’re just sick and tired of feeling this way and want things to change.
  • You’re frustrated, angry or unhappy and at times have even given up on yourself and others.  You want to be happy. You want to get on with your life.  You want things to go your way like they used to.
  • You’ve talked with your buddies, your mom and even your significant other. worry1You’ve tried various seminars, courses, audios, videos and books.   Answers offered didn’t quite resonate with you.  Nothing seemed to be working; well, at least not well enough.
  • You may be struggling with your career or you haven’t been the man, husband or father that you once wanted to be.  Honestly, you’re just sick of feeling stuck in your own cr@p making the same mistakes over and over again.


Here’s what I do…

  • I help decent men uncover the real positive truth about themselves.   They happily grow into being the better men they’ve wanted to be.  As founder of Personal Truth Coaching, I coach men, facilitate men’s and couple’s groups and lead Personal Truth FUNshops.
  • I’ve discovered that most men benefit from a supportive fun environment free of judgment, ridicule and shame.  They simply need a place where there is no friendly fire.  Men also benefit greatly from the support of other good men.
  • I offer strait talk, spoken in a kind, respectful yet direct manner.  I simply help you find solutions to your problems.  You leave feeling better about yourself and having concrete steps to take to accomplish your goal.


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What it’s all about…

  • There’s no reason to stay stuck because you didn’t receive all of the love, time, wisdom and connection from your family that you craved as a child.  You are no longer an apprenticing crew member of your family’s relationship.  You’re an adult.  You are the captain of your own vessel now.  It’s time to accept all of the responsibilities and all of the perks of being the man in charge.  And there are a lot of benefits to being the big boss.
  • Once you’ve decided to take charge of your life and commit to being a better you, the rest follows.  Honouring your non-negotiable needs becomes second nature and you find life is going your way once more.
  • You love to fix things, right?  Now’s your chance to fix things that are of vast importance to yourself and those closest to you.  Imagine the look of adoration from your loved ones as you begin to fix the things that have been bugging you and them.
  • As a natural leader, husband, father or simply as a man, you find yourself much more satisfied with your career, your intimate partnership, your relationships with your children, family members, your colleagues and even yourself.  It goes from falling apart to falling into place.


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Together, we’ll …

  • We’ll work together to help you create the vision of the man you want to be.  To achieve that vision, you’ll make commitments and be held accountable to them.  No more hiding out, lying, numbing yourself, indulging in your addictions and otherwise staying stuck.  After all, haven’t you’ve been doing that for way too long?  It’s time for some new choices.
  • We’ll jump straight into what’s not working – identifying problems and figuring out solutions.
  • You’ll learn the tools needed to have stronger and happier relationships with yourself, significant other, the kids, your employees/employers and colleagues, money, spirituality and your ability to experience fun and joy.
  • You’ll develop trust in me.  This trust will enable you to develop more trusting relationships with others, including other men in your life.  You see, the goal isn’t to make you dependent upon me.  My goal is to teach you how to be the man you want to be and to bring that man to all of your relationships and experiences.


The bottom line…

  • If you’re ready to make changes in your life and are willing to commit your time and effort, you should expect some immediate results.
  • Some results may be subtle, yeabut they’ll also be powerful.  Other results will have you feeling so aware of yourself and your capabilities, you’ll be amazed.   See for yourself how your new behaviours affect those close to you.  You’ll come to appreciate the power you have to change what’s happening in your life.  If you’re consistent, you’ll see the changes in yourself and in your life that you seek.
  • A big win!
  • In other words, you’ll start to become that man you want to be!

           What’s my next step?

  • Like trying out a new car, the best way to find out if we’re a good fit is to take a “test drive” and experience coaching for yourself.

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Thank you so much for considering Personal Truth Coaching.

Whether you choose to work with me or not, I hope reading this got you thinking about the power you have to begin changing and healing … right away, in this very moment.

I believe that with every thought, you are at choice.  You can either affirm the choices you’ve made before … or make new choices.  Your new journey begins with something just that simple … your next thought.

If you have questions about your new journey and would like to receive compassionate, no-nonsense, intuitive and thoughtful guidance, I’m here.   I’m passionate about helping you connect with your best life.  If I can be of service, please get in touch with me.

With warmest regards,




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