Connecting via Commitment


Commitment is fairly self-explanatory.  It’s a decision to be exclusive with one other person.  Both must choose each other for the commitment to work.  Once a man decides to make a woman a priority in his life, the next step is to demonstrate that to her; tell her, show her, give it all you’ve got.  Being wishy-washy doesn’t cut it.  It leads to a relationship that is like a spark-plug where a flow of energy only occurs when ignited.  That spark gets extinguished when contact ceases. That leads to having a rocky relationship at best.   Instead, solidly hook up and healthily maintain that connection.  Commit to her and the relationship for fulfillment.

When a woman accepts his decision to be with her, then she needs to step up and become his number one fan.  Showing appreciation for what he says or does is very important to him.  Yet as important as cheering him on and valuing what he says and does, there is another thing that is of top importance to a man.  A man wants for his woman to happily accept what he provides for her.  That doesn’t mean that she has to love whatever he gives her, although from his perspective, it would be ideal; it does mean that after he has put in his time, money, resources and thought into giving her something, that she receive it with grace and a smile on her face.

Commitment plays a huge role in the success of people’s relationships:  Sometimes more so than people ever realize.

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