Connecting via Contact


Connecting via contact is part of what makes the world go round for both men and women.  Contact includes kissing, touching, going out for a walk, ice-skating, sledding, trail riding, laser tag, petting, holding hands, hugging, a pat on the bum, eating in or dining out together, doing the dishes with her, and of course, sex.

When men and women connect through contact, all sorts of emotions are expressed and released.  Men, think back to the very first time you brushed by a woman’s breast.  When you realized what had just happened, how did you feel afterwards?  Stunned?  Embarrassed?  Elated?  Turned on?  All of the above?

Women, remember when your girlfriend “accidentally” knocked you into that cute guy you were eyeing?  Your face flushed, you looked up into his eyes, gasped and thought… well, you know what you thought.

In either case, you made a connection.  You made contact.  There was an exchange of something that took place.  Your heart raced, your eyes widened and you looked forward to the next encounter.

Yes, connection through contact is a highly pleasing to quite a few of our senses.  It is at the core of the relationship and forms the trunk of the relationship tree – solid, steadfast and true.

The next Conscious Coaching tip will be #8  Connecting via Conversation

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