Connecting via Conversation


Conversation between a man and a woman can happen through quite a variety of ways: meaningful dialogs, timely phone calls, flirty texts, love notes, serious discussions, funny e-mails, clicking like on her Facebook posts, commenting on her Tweets and even saying it with flowers.

When men and women make contact through conversation, it allows for them to express more of what’s on their mind or in their hearts.  Conversations carry the relationship along.  They play a top role in the success of many relationships.    Women are often perceived as needing conversation more often than men.  However, it really is dependent upon the individual.  As the saying goes, when it comes time to pick a partner with which you plan on spending the rest of your life, make sure that you can easily carry on a conversation with him or her.  Because after the beauty fades and sex is not a top priority, conversation is all you’ll have left to carry on in the relationship.

Regardless of who needs to express their thoughts, ideas, opinions or feelings more within a relationship, communication through conversation is connection at the root level.

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