Connection, Connection, Connection


A connection is like having a hose or a cord that plugs in and enables feelings, deeds and senses to flow into each other.  For example, it does a car little good to be sitting at the gas pump if no one connects the hose from the gas pump to the car.  Or for that matter, no bread will be toasted, even if the slider is pushed down, if the toaster isn’t plugged into the socket.  Similarly for men and women, if there’s no connection made there is little chance of the message getting clearly across or for the men or women to be satisfied.

Telling her you love her fills up her knowledge reservoir; backing up those words with actions, fills up her feelings tank; and connecting with her enables whatever you say or do to reach its intended destination – her heart. 

Giving a man your attention is the level one connection he is looking for.  He’s got a sense that something might happen.  The connection levels up with further acknowledgement of him, like giving him some of your time.  This lets him know that she is at least willing to further check into who and what he is all about.  The connection strengthens further when a woman engages in flirtations, conversations and interactions.

Connecting takes place through contact, conversation and commitment.  The connection gets stronger and stronger the more time you spend with each other and the quality of the time you spend with each other.

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