Connection Rejection


On Tip #10, Rejection Really Sucks!  I spoke about how rejection by a woman can play out for a man.  This time, I will speak to how connection plays out for a woman.

Connection is to a woman as air is to a man.  To women, it’s a need, not a want.  A woman looks forward to the lines of connection to be flowing and fun.  When a man tells a woman that he’s going to email, call, text her, or whatever, she expects him to follow through.  Even if it’s just to tell her that he doesn’t have the time to connect as first thought.

Brushing aside this nugget of information as trivial is like brushing her aside.  She’ll “understand” why you didn’t follow through, if it happens periodically.  Let it “happen” often enough, and that “understanding” starts to translate into feeling disrespected, not worthy and unloved.  She is wounded to the core.

And as a man feels a need to make some choices, a woman too will, as if by default, pull back from a man, not trust his word, and eventually, pull out of the relationship.  It’s nothing personal, it’s simply survival.  It’s that serious to her.

As the saying goes, “If it’s important enough, you’ll find a way.  If not, you’ll find an excuse.”  Find enough reasons, explanations or excuses and you’ll find that she’s excused herself out of the relationship.  It’s that simple.

Men and women really are more alike than they are different.  Neither enjoys being rejected.  So how can both women and men avoid some of the hard feelings?

Tune into The next Conscious Coaching episode when the topic will be #14  Seeking a New Awareness.

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