A Woman’s Needs


Believe it or not, women are really not all that complicated to understand.  Mysterious; yes.  Diverse; yes.  Impossible to figure out; well, sometimes.  Yet a woman is truly not difficult to understand when you know what drives her – what is pre-programmed in her – what is factory installed.

Just like a man, a woman has certain basic needs that she seeks to have met.  Different women go about having those needs met in different ways, yet the needs are the same.  They are standard on all “models” of women.  Some want bigger, some need smaller, some you don’t know where the heck it’s located, but all women have the same basic needs.

Women’s needs are simple:

  • to feel safe;
  • to know and feel that they are loved and belong;
  • to have some personal space;
  • to have some patience and understanding from loved ones;
  • to have their communications, actions and feelings both acknowledged and respected;
  • to learn, grow and discover new things about self or their world;
  • and to have some fun in life.

It basically boils down to her feeling connected through contact, communication and commitment, having some fun and feeling accomplished, appreciated and loved.

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