Here’s what they said

Had I not taken a chance on Monika, I would not be here; I would have committed suicide.

I was in a downward spiral that included adultery.  I was a sinner who didn’t care about anyone, including myself.  These negative patterns were grown from childhood and steadily got worse as I got older.

I was walled in and had a very poor self-image.  Things were bleak – awful.  I no longer had a reason to get up in the morning.  I did not want to face my life, face others or face myself.

Monika was able to help me turn that all around.  I am grateful beyond words for her guidance and support.


divider2     It allowed me to push me and express myself to others and to myself as well.  It hadn’t occurred to me that others will actually meet my needs, wants and desires.  Opportunities are now taken when they do show up.

Being nice has its own costs.  Do the opposite get their needs met more often?  Possibly, but at what cost to their soul?

I used to think a man was weak if he asked for help.  That was a huge block and an excuse I used that kept me from achieving my goals.  Once I got over the illusion of weakness I was able to move forward.  I took steps toward what I wanted and achieved a win time and time again.


divider2 I found the power to finally own my own value.  For the first time in a long time, I was able to believe in myself, find passion and purpose and a reason to get up in the morning.

I would have lost many good friends had I not accepted Monika’s guidance.  There would have been loss of some experiences that I would otherwise have not had.

Thank you, Monika.  My life has changed in many wonderful ways.


divider2Not having a quality relationship with your children eats away at you.  It’s poisonous.  It’s debilitating.

I am very grateful for the time and effort that Monika spent with me on this issue.  It’s been truly life altering.


divider2     I was able to act on new opportunities with a variety of success.  It changed my awareness of the receptivity of women.  I had missed out on so many opportunities.  I seldom miss the cues of when women will accept and/or want my advances now.  The dating game is less confusing and more fun!

There were so many opportunities missed.  I regret a number of them.  When I think about all of the lovely women with whom  I could have connected to on a deeper level, well, it just makes me sick.  There were many lost associations as I would have stayed oblivious to females’ desires.


divider2     If I had not followed my gut feeling to continue to work with Monika, I would still be wandering around and waiting for something that does not show up.  I would continue to feel empty, unfulfilled and lost.



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