Love Hurts?


There is a song put out by the group Nazareth called “Love Hurts.”  Many people have heard it, danced to it and sang along to it, tears streaming down their face as they reinforce its message.  Now 40 years later, that 1970’s song has had a chance to impact a lot of people.

The phrase “love hurts” has become a common expression.  People say it all the time.  The problem is that people have come to believe it.  The idea of falling in love will lead to being hurt. And it’s simply is not true.  Break ups hurt.  Let downs hurt.  Being cheated on hurts.  Being misunderstood, rejected and not acknowledged, hurts.  But love?

Love does not hurt.  Love is a good thing.  Love heals.  It is uplifting and wonderful.  It’s why poems are written and why songs are sung.  People have been focused on the beauty of love even before the Greeks revered Aphrodite.  Yes, love can be a many splendored thing….if you let it….if you allow it.

My desire for all men and women who have been hurt after putting their trust, faith and heart into another is to have the courage to let go of the past and take part in the new.  Let love lift you up where you belong – where the eagles cry on the mountains high.  Step towards your success and reap the rewards.  Rescue yourself from the false negative energies you’ve attached to love.  Be your own hero.

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