Luckily by Design


Luckily, by design, men were born with an innate need to provide, protect and solidly connect with the women that they love.   All they ask for in return is to be accepted for who they are, graciously accept what they have to offer and be acknowledged for their time, effort, resources, thoughts and deeds.

Women were designed to add value, sparkle and life to a union in which they are connected.  They breathe life into a relationship.  Women seek to belong, feel safe, feel loved, and be appreciated for their contributions.

We’re made to fit together in more ways than one.  We just have remember that and act accordingly.  Sometimes we get so caught up in our stories that we forget to be nice to one another so that things can flow and go smoothly.  We protect ourselves by conditioning ourselves to expect to be hurt.  To avoid that hurt, our typical go to place is where we put up our shields.  We don’t realize that we are not in caveman days where it was beneficial for us to pay attention to the negative in order to stay alive.  Our lives are not truly in jeopardy if we ignore the negative, yet we act as if that is the case whenever we feel hurt, especially in our hearts.  Relationships don’t have to hurt, do they?

We’ll find out if that is the case on the next Conscious Coaching tip titled #12 Love Hurts?

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