My First Ever Blog Post!

YippeeIt’s my birthday today and I’m launching my first ever blog post!

I will posting items to do with Life Coaching, my products, programmes and processes and topical topics related to connecting with various aspects of a person’s life.

There is an electronic newsletter on the horizon, books in physical and electronic formats and new and innovated ways to benefit you in the human potential movement.

I welcome your honest feedback be it good, bad or meh to my postings.  If I may be of service to you, drop me a line and I’ll respond.  If you can be of service to me, please shoot me an email and we can discuss our mutual benefit.

I’ll be starting these blog posts by sharing information from my second book, From Zero to Hero: 7 Simple Steps For When Your Gal Is Feeling Sick, Sad or Mad.  This will be posted under the area called Connecting with Relationships.

Men and women want love in their lives.  They have secrets, hopes, dreams and desires.  They desire to be in a relationship with someone who cares about them, includes them, values them, acknowledges and appreciates their time and efforts, respects them; someone who can be relied upon and will love them just for being who they are.   When you connect with your yourself, your partner AND your relationship you can achieve this.  By taking proactive measures in making all three aspects healthy and balanced, you will commandeer your own life and have the loving success that you seek.

Look for the forthcoming books in the “Hero” trilogy:

  •  Meeting Quality Men Needs… No Friendly Fire at the Home Front
  • Hero Rules! Secrets to Attracting Wonderful Women, While Maintaining Your Manhood!

This website and first blog post is step one for me.  EEEEKKKK!!!  My purposeful creator aspect is showing.  I’m so excited to be on this blogging journey and look forward to being of service to  you.  ​

Helping you find freedom, flexibility & fun!

With Joy Filled Love and Gratitude,
In Balanced Reciprocity and Prosperity,
Cheers to Your Success!

Monika Dena Huppertz

Start a CHANGE reaction in your life.
Step towards YOUR success!


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