“Oil” and “Gas” for Women


A woman needs to both know and feel that she is loved.  Love is a funny thing.  There is a knowing of your love for her and feeling your love for her, yet the only way for her to know and feel that love is through a connection.

  • The knowing of love is having the understanding that you love her.  Telling her “I love you” and doing things that back up your words keeps the knowledge from “draining” out.  This is like the oil reservoir on a car.  It is its own thing, requiring a specific fluid, which plays a certain role in the function of the vehicle.  Women need to be told of your attraction to them in a way that is respectful, humorous, serious or what have you.  Most women are intuitive enough to figure out that you have an interest in them, yet, telling them is the most efficient means of letting them know of your intentions and eliminating any doubt.

The feeling of your love to a woman is like gas is to a car.  You know that a vehicle’s gas tank needs to be filled up more regularly than an oil reservoir.  Gas is consumed by the car in order for it to be of service to you.  So too is the feeling of your love to a woman.  If the feeling tank is not filled up, then the unit may run for a little while on fumes and then eventually stop.  In order to get that feeling of love into a woman, a connection has to be made.

You’ll hear more on connection in future episodes of Conscious Coaching.  The next tip will be #5  “Oil” and “Butter” for Men

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