On the Grow


Asking questions is a crucial part of growth.  It makes us think.  We can gain a new perspective on what’s taking place in our lives.

Asking the RIGHT questions, however, is one of the keys to our success.  It allows us to clearly see past the obvious symptoms and identify the root causes of  triggers and problems.  Being able to see patterns of behaviour while we’re in a calm frame of mind gives us the edge we often seek.

Whether you are frustrated with what is going on in your life because you keep procrastinating, you find yourself wrestling with self-doubt, or you feel overwhelmed, the purpose of coaching is to help you connect to the change you wish you were experiencing right now.

The advantages of having personal life coaching is similar to having a life vest on when you get tossed overboard.  You can swim and are able to move yourself towards the shore, however, at some point you tire and would really benefit from having something to keep you afloat so that you can safely rest, re-evaluate and rejuvenate along the way.

Good life coaches help you discover the answers that you already have inside of you.  They help you set your sites to see things that you did not know were there before them being pointed out.  They guide you towards the path that will be of most benefit to you.

Great life coaches won’t walk your path for you as that will defeat the purpose.  It’s like being given all the answers on your tests in high school.  Great!  You have received easy A’s, right?  No studying.  No worries.  No struggle.  Yet what happens when you go to apply that supposedly known knowledge to your new job or enter College or University?  Places where you are no longer given the answers?  What happens then?  People are expecting that you know the answers.  After all, you got all A’s, right?  How understanding will these people be when they discover that you are nothing but a hollow shell – looking great on the outside, but lacking substance inside?

Having that knowledge in your own head gives you the substance you require inside.  There’s no shame or guilt or anything to hide.  You can hold your head high with dignity and pride knowing that you did not compromise your values or concede your terms.

If you have questions that no one in your personal circle can answer, it may be a good idea to look into what life coaching has to offer.  You don’t have to wait for a personal crisis or until someone in your life insists that you get it together or get out. Life coaching is all about personal development, personal improvement and personal growth.

Got questions?  Connect with Personal Truth Coaching for some answers.



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