Refocus of Attention

It’s Mid-July!

Time is flying fast.  In Alberta, we’ve had an enormous amount of rain.  In fact, south of Edmonton, there was so much rain that a large part of Calgary and other surrounding towns were flooded!  There was talk of cancelling the Calgary Stampede, yet as the saying goes, “the show must go on” and one of the greatest shows on earth went on.

It was a testament to what people with a goal can do.  Volunteers popped up where ever hands were needed.  People from all age groups, ethnic groups and socioeconomic groups, banded together for the common good of all.  It proudly brought out the best in us Canadians.

I’m certain that such banding together happens everywhere, in every country.  In times of need, people are able to set aside their differences and indifferences and work well together.  They simply focus their attention on what needs to be done and they accomplish the seemingly impossible tasks.

We each have the ability to refocus our attention and get seemingly impossible tasks done.  Time and time and time again, we prove it to ourselves.  Those mired in the muck may not be able to see past their own present plight, however, others can.  When we are not connected or attached to the problem, it is often easier to see possible solutions.  That’s how we are able to help each other and ourselves out of the obstacle.  You help me, I help John, John helps someone else.  The pay-it-forward and the all-for-one-and-one-for-all models are enacted.  Everyone who participates is happier for the experience.  It’s one of those truths factory installed in us – helping others makes us happy; accomplishing our goals and tasks makes us happy; getting help and support when needed de-stresses us, and that makes us happy.

How do we get help when there isn’t a natural disaster to bring out the best in others and in ourselves?  We ask.  We ask those who we know will be able to help out.  Whether we “let go and let God” or “go within” or go to another person to lend us a hand up, we connect first to our knowing and then make the choices we know to be truth for us.

Sometimes we seek advice from an outside source.  Simply know in your gut first and then follow that gut advice to make sure that this is the right source for you.

You’ll know it’s right because it feels light.  You’ll feel expansive and get a “Yeah, that’s right for me” thought.  If it drags you down, you’ll be wearing a frown.  Don’t go there.  Even if others tell you, insist or persist, if you feel like you are contracting or shrinking or trying to protect yourself, don’t listen to them.  Let your inner wisdom, your inner voice guide you.  Then, listen to that guidance.  Don’t ignore it.  Follow it.

Are you thinking about getting some help to achieve a goal, seeking some support on solving a problem or needing another person to bounce off some ideas that you have cooking?  Think about who you know and the types of services that would be of benefit to you.  What services can you utilize to get your goals accomplished?  You have friends, family and facilities to lean on or hire.  Use them.  Ask for their assistance and make use of them.  You’ll be happy; they’ll be honoured and happy.  It’s a win-win situation!

Wishing you an awesome summer.

Cheers to Your Success!

Monika Dena Huppertz

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