Rejection Really Sucks!


Being rejected by a woman he just met is an awkward and often embarrassing pill for a man to swallow.  However, being rejected by a woman he has given his heart to, is like death to a man.

Sure, a man can be resurrected from the dead, but it’s not easy and a little piece of him never quite fully revives.  Being rejected numerous times forces him to make a choice he’d rather not have to make.  Rejections of a man’s offers of his time, resources and especially his heart and soul, often puts him in a position to choose either to become distant in order to protect himself from more pain or in the interest of trying to please a woman and make her happy, become less and less of the man that the woman was first attracted to.  Neither of these options are a win for the man.  Neither of these options is a win for the woman.

In the interest of giving women a clearer picture of this scenario and meaning no disrespect to the men, the following will hopefully serve well.  Women, when a child gives you a gift – a bouquet of dandelions, a picture he drew, making you breakfast (oh, the mess in the kitchen!) and you accept it, the look of love, adoration, and pride is clearly seen.  Reject that gift and the pain, bewilderment and him pulling away from you becomes very apparent.  Your man feels the same way as that child.  And frankly, so do you when you’re rejected or your time and efforts are not acknowledged.

Both men and women seek to please and have their efforts positively recognized.  When in a committed relationship, men and women would benefit from realizing and appropriately interacting in ways that are supportive, considerate, loving and accepting without judgment.

Commitment is the beauty seen in the tops of the relationship trees in the connection between two people who love each other.

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