Seeking a New Awareness


Both women and men seek to avoid some of the hard feelings felt within committed relationships.  To get a new awareness, a certain task much be done; a task that is simple and yet often very difficult to do: and that is to ask questions.

If past experiences have “taught” you to the contrary, consider this current relationship as a chance to get back on course.  Communication, physical contact and commitment allow for connection; an excellent approach to having a strong and co-creative relationship.  The more you hide from each other in an attempt to feel safe and free from hurt, the greater the gap to close.  Hiding your head in the sand like an ostrich only leads to one thing…no vision of what is going on.

Care enough about the relationship to get clarity on the situation.  Care enough to unlearn what life’s hard knocks has presented as “truth.”  Care enough to take a real long hard look at what honest truth really looks like and ask questions to get the answers you so wish you knew.   Here, ignorance is not bliss.

Neither men nor woman are mind readers.  Rather than living in the dark alone with unknown possibilities rattling around in your fertile mind, get the facts; find out the truth.  Don’t allow the lies you accepted to prey upon your mind and drag you down old familiar paths.  Get out of the stinking thinking and into the reality of your relationship.  Decide to put your head above the parapet and take a real good look around.  Get an honest lay of the land.

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