Stand Tall


Stand tall – don’ you fall.  Stand strong so you can last long.

Being labeled a man clarifies and quantifies a list of certain characteristics that a male may have.  Similarly being labeled as a woman conjures up a different list of characteristics that a female may possess.  In addition, men and women also have their own unique sets of gifts, talents and tools that they bring along with them.  The question that begs to be answered is: Do you as a man or you as a woman take ownership of these characteristics and abilities?  Are you using these endowments to the best of your capability or are you choosing to be at the effect of what is going on around you?

Women are often more about communication and connection than are men.  Men process emotions and logic differently than women.  We are different and we are similar.   Yet both women and men develop habitual responses and “go to” places when dealing with emotional issues.  Some are productive and supportive, others are destructive and damaging.

We’ll go into more specifics on the next Conscious Coaching with tip #19   That Old Familiar Place

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