Summer Days and Nights

The summer solstice is behind us and we’ve moved into the swing of the summer season. This is a great time to take stock and assess how your goals and aims are going mid-way through the year.  Would you like to start something new or do something to re-invigorate your previous intentions?

I took the time to contribute to The Gratitude Book Project once again.  My piece was titled “Summer Nights.”  I found myself reminiscing about a time when I was a teen in Winnipeg in the late 1970’s.

“For teens, summer is a fantastic time of year.  No school; no homework; fewer duties and commitments.  In a word … freedom! … Watching the Canada Day fireworks from a friend’s high-rise balcony; the bright colours meeting our gaze against the dark night sky, was mesmerizing.”

“Going to the Starlight Drive-In was the thing to do.  And not unlike the scene in Grease, the whole gang showed up, watched movies, ate popcorn, talked, laughed and visited our friends’ cars.   We had our own summer night fun.  It was great!”

As I faded out of those memories and back into reality, it occurred to me how important it was to connect to what mattered most at the time; friends, fun and frivolity.  Time marches on and it’s easier to handle all of the trials and tribulations when there are a few good memories to reflect upon.  When life gets a little too hectic and serious, a thought break may be just the right “pill” when feeling that “ill.”

It’s also an excellent time of year to connect with nature.  Spend some time reading outside, taking a walk through the park, on the beach or around the block.   Open up the windows and let all of your senses be engaged.  Take the time to listen to the birds singing, watch cats stalk butterfly prey or smell the onset of a gentle rain.

It’s a perfect time to bank some great memories.  So make sure that you make those memories happen.  Take the time for you to top up that reservoir of reminiscings.  It will serve you well in the months and even years ahead.

This summer, resolve to fit in some fun, frivolity and fantastic friends.  It will feel great to rejuvenate!  I know many people will be travelling and vacationing over the next few weeks to come.  Have fun and take some time to really enjoy your outing!

Connecting you to freedom, flexibility and fun!

Cheers to Your Success!


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