That Old Familiar Place


Do you have a typical “go to” space – an old familiar response place when faced with emotional encounters?  It’s probably a place that you’ve gone to in the past, maybe even since you were a child.  When suddenly faced with someone else’s emotional release, is your automatic response one of anger, fear or resentment?   Do you put up walls, walk away, or assume a defensive stance.   Have you ever asked yourself, “How is this helping the situation or being of service to either myself or the other person?”

It really comes down to a question of values.  A question of whether or not you would benefit from holding onto those values.  Do you choose to do this alone or together with your partner?  Do you stay in black and white or embrace entering into Technicolor?   Which values will advance and strengthen your relationship?  Just because a place is familiar does not mean that it is safe, right or a good place to be.  It simply means that you’ve been there before.

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