Dealing with Struggle and Overwhelm in Your Life

worry1 So many directions, so many decisions, so little time…

Does this sound like you?

  • a constant weight on your shoulders
  • lost in the crowd
  • avoid making decisions when you’re not sure of what to do
  • protect yourself so others won’t take advantage of or run over you
  • it seems that if you don’t fight for yourself, you won’t get what you want or need

You are not alone.  It seems that life these days is more chaotic than ever!  You are overloaded with information, “helpful” advice and a plethora of choices.  And to make things more interesting, just when you get used to something – it changes!

You’re distracted and pulled in so many directions.  You have to think quickly and make fast decisions. You have difficulty balancing work, life, family, friends and personal enjoyment.  You are constantly on the run, feeling pressure from every angle.

When you put all of those factors together it’s only a matter of time before opportunities pass you by, you start to believe that you’re not living up to your fullest potential or, worse, you feel trapped by your circumstances.  No wonder you are constantly irritated and in conflict with others – and yourself!

Like so many others, are you simply wanting to….

  • have a fun and vibrant life
  • improve and enhance your important connections
  • live with a greater sense of personal fulfillment

If you are struggling with stringing coherent thoughts together, it may be time to look into getting some support.  The support you seek can be your significant other, a trusted friend or even a personal life coach.

A wise first action to take is to admit to yourself that you would benefit from releasing the burdens that you are carrying.  You wouldn’t be barking at your kids, the love of your life wouldn’t be so wary in approaching you and you’d feel happier inside.  These are all good indicators that you’d benefit from support.

A wise second action step is to start talking it out in your head.  Think about what you want to avoid or accomplish.  How you would like it to go?  See in your mind’s eye what the ideal final outcome would look, sound and even feel like.  Give yourself some devoted time to really think it out.

After you’ve taken these action steps, your thoughts have become more settled and more coherent.  Now make a choice as to whom else to talk to.  You may start with your significant other, move onto a trusted friend and then seek the guidance of a personal life coach.  There’s no need to rush.  Simply start going in the direction you wish to go.

Your loved one knows you and wants you to be happy.  Advice received will be supportive and loving.  Your trusted friend cares about you and wants to see you succeed.  Advice received will be fairly straightforward and as helpful as he or she can be.  Personal life coaches are objective and understanding.   They’ve helped others in similar situations achieve successful and satisfying outcomes and are prepared to do the same for you.  Make a choice.  Ideally, choose all three.

Get it sorted out in your head first and then check that against what others share with you.  Keep your end goal in mind and sense in your gut the next right action step to take.

You can do it.

I believe in you.

Cheers to your success.


Need some guidance?  Connect with Personal Truth Coaching for direction.

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On the Grow


Asking questions is a crucial part of growth.  It makes us think.  We can gain a new perspective on what’s taking place in our lives.

Asking the RIGHT questions, however, is one of the keys to our success.  It allows us to clearly see past the obvious symptoms and identify the root causes of  triggers and problems.  Being able to see patterns of behaviour while we’re in a calm frame of mind gives us the edge we often seek.

Whether you are frustrated with what is going on in your life because you keep procrastinating, you find yourself wrestling with self-doubt, or you feel overwhelmed, the purpose of coaching is to help you connect to the change you wish you were experiencing right now.

The advantages of having personal life coaching is similar to having a life vest on when you get tossed overboard.  You can swim and are able to move yourself towards the shore, however, at some point you tire and would really benefit from having something to keep you afloat so that you can safely rest, re-evaluate and rejuvenate along the way.

Good life coaches help you discover the answers that you already have inside of you.  They help you set your sites to see things that you did not know were there before them being pointed out.  They guide you towards the path that will be of most benefit to you.

Great life coaches won’t walk your path for you as that will defeat the purpose.  It’s like being given all the answers on your tests in high school.  Great!  You have received easy A’s, right?  No studying.  No worries.  No struggle.  Yet what happens when you go to apply that supposedly known knowledge to your new job or enter College or University?  Places where you are no longer given the answers?  What happens then?  People are expecting that you know the answers.  After all, you got all A’s, right?  How understanding will these people be when they discover that you are nothing but a hollow shell – looking great on the outside, but lacking substance inside?

Having that knowledge in your own head gives you the substance you require inside.  There’s no shame or guilt or anything to hide.  You can hold your head high with dignity and pride knowing that you did not compromise your values or concede your terms.

If you have questions that no one in your personal circle can answer, it may be a good idea to look into what life coaching has to offer.  You don’t have to wait for a personal crisis or until someone in your life insists that you get it together or get out. Life coaching is all about personal development, personal improvement and personal growth.

Got questions?  Connect with Personal Truth Coaching for some answers.

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Refocus of Attention

It’s Mid-July!

Time is flying fast.  In Alberta, we’ve had an enormous amount of rain.  In fact, south of Edmonton, there was so much rain that a large part of Calgary and other surrounding towns were flooded!  There was talk of cancelling the Calgary Stampede, yet as the saying goes, “the show must go on” and one of the greatest shows on earth went on.

It was a testament to what people with a goal can do.  Volunteers popped up where ever hands were needed.  People from all age groups, ethnic groups and socioeconomic groups, banded together for the common good of all.  It proudly brought out the best in us Canadians.

I’m certain that such banding together happens everywhere, in every country.  In times of need, people are able to set aside their differences and indifferences and work well together.  They simply focus their attention on what needs to be done and they accomplish the seemingly impossible tasks.

We each have the ability to refocus our attention and get seemingly impossible tasks done.  Time and time and time again, we prove it to ourselves.  Those mired in the muck may not be able to see past their own present plight, however, others can.  When we are not connected or attached to the problem, it is often easier to see possible solutions.  That’s how we are able to help each other and ourselves out of the obstacle.  You help me, I help John, John helps someone else.  The pay-it-forward and the all-for-one-and-one-for-all models are enacted.  Everyone who participates is happier for the experience.  It’s one of those truths factory installed in us – helping others makes us happy; accomplishing our goals and tasks makes us happy; getting help and support when needed de-stresses us, and that makes us happy.

How do we get help when there isn’t a natural disaster to bring out the best in others and in ourselves?  We ask.  We ask those who we know will be able to help out.  Whether we “let go and let God” or “go within” or go to another person to lend us a hand up, we connect first to our knowing and then make the choices we know to be truth for us.

Sometimes we seek advice from an outside source.  Simply know in your gut first and then follow that gut advice to make sure that this is the right source for you.

You’ll know it’s right because it feels light.  You’ll feel expansive and get a “Yeah, that’s right for me” thought.  If it drags you down, you’ll be wearing a frown.  Don’t go there.  Even if others tell you, insist or persist, if you feel like you are contracting or shrinking or trying to protect yourself, don’t listen to them.  Let your inner wisdom, your inner voice guide you.  Then, listen to that guidance.  Don’t ignore it.  Follow it.

Are you thinking about getting some help to achieve a goal, seeking some support on solving a problem or needing another person to bounce off some ideas that you have cooking?  Think about who you know and the types of services that would be of benefit to you.  What services can you utilize to get your goals accomplished?  You have friends, family and facilities to lean on or hire.  Use them.  Ask for their assistance and make use of them.  You’ll be happy; they’ll be honoured and happy.  It’s a win-win situation!

Wishing you an awesome summer.

Cheers to Your Success!

Monika Dena Huppertz

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Summer Days and Nights

The summer solstice is behind us and we’ve moved into the swing of the summer season. This is a great time to take stock and assess how your goals and aims are going mid-way through the year.  Would you like to start something new or do something to re-invigorate your previous intentions?

I took the time to contribute to The Gratitude Book Project once again.  My piece was titled “Summer Nights.”  I found myself reminiscing about a time when I was a teen in Winnipeg in the late 1970’s.

“For teens, summer is a fantastic time of year.  No school; no homework; fewer duties and commitments.  In a word … freedom! … Watching the Canada Day fireworks from a friend’s high-rise balcony; the bright colours meeting our gaze against the dark night sky, was mesmerizing.”

“Going to the Starlight Drive-In was the thing to do.  And not unlike the scene in Grease, the whole gang showed up, watched movies, ate popcorn, talked, laughed and visited our friends’ cars.   We had our own summer night fun.  It was great!”

As I faded out of those memories and back into reality, it occurred to me how important it was to connect to what mattered most at the time; friends, fun and frivolity.  Time marches on and it’s easier to handle all of the trials and tribulations when there are a few good memories to reflect upon.  When life gets a little too hectic and serious, a thought break may be just the right “pill” when feeling that “ill.”

It’s also an excellent time of year to connect with nature.  Spend some time reading outside, taking a walk through the park, on the beach or around the block.   Open up the windows and let all of your senses be engaged.  Take the time to listen to the birds singing, watch cats stalk butterfly prey or smell the onset of a gentle rain.

It’s a perfect time to bank some great memories.  So make sure that you make those memories happen.  Take the time for you to top up that reservoir of reminiscings.  It will serve you well in the months and even years ahead.

This summer, resolve to fit in some fun, frivolity and fantastic friends.  It will feel great to rejuvenate!  I know many people will be travelling and vacationing over the next few weeks to come.  Have fun and take some time to really enjoy your outing!

Connecting you to freedom, flexibility and fun!

Cheers to Your Success!


p.s.  I’m on page 1 of  The Gratitude E-Book Project: My Favorite
Summertime Memory!  Get your free E-copy here:


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Expanded Connections! – Launching a Newsletter

As I get more comfortable with blogging, expressing my views and life coaching, what once was new and almost daunting has become familiar and comfortable.  From my experience in teaching in the public school system, I found it beneficial (though not always comfortable) to either switch grades (teaching older or younger), teach different students (special needs – my forte) or change locations (new schools = new points of view) about every 5 years or so.

Well, it has come to that just right time to stretch and grow and do something new for me in this realm of blogging and life coaching.  So, I’m launching an electronic newsletter that I’ve titled Monika’s Muse-letter.  It’s got a lot of great content!  There’s a Meat and Potatoes blog post of course and some amusing funnies.  There are sections where I connect with you and you connect with me.  Then there is the “Power Tools” section where I share tips and tools that I use in my coaching practice.

This Muse-letter is chock-a-block full of content that supports, enlightens and amuses and has just a small sprinkling of shameless promotion.  (A gal has to make a living somehow, right?)  The idea is to share lots of great content, allow you to get to know, like and trust me and to share with the world in a new way (well, for me anyway), what I do.

So, I hope you opt-in and enjoy reading Monika’s Muse-letter.  Drop me a line and let me know what you think – really; good, bad or meh, I’d love to learn what you want and then deliver that.   Watch for it coming out the first week of July.

Connecting you to freedom, flexibility and fun!

Cheers to Your Success!


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The Winds of Change


People can and do change.  Change is inevitable.  As we go through life, we acquire experiences, are exposed to different ideas and get enmeshed in pop culture.  Times change.  Styles change.  Seasons change.  Fashion changes.  Society changes and so do we.  As we age, our thinking processes change.  Things that were once of high importance back then are of little importance now.

Why would we expect people not to change?  Perhaps fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar makes us feel uneasy.  People like to hang on to what’s familiar as it gives us an anchor point – something stable to hang onto.  Sometimes we forget just how flexible and adaptable we are.

The old sayings, “Men marry women hoping they won’t change; women marry men hoping they will.” or “Women marry in the hope that things will change.  Men marry hoping nothing will change.”  Are we obligated to adhere to this?  No.  We have our own minds and can choose our own thoughts and beliefs.

How do you handle change?  Do you stand back or do you embrace the new ride, looking forward to discovering whatever the new possibilities could be?

It’s truly worth the growing pains for long term gains.  Having this discussion will open up areas that were once closed and perhaps festering.  Opening up communication and establishing a solid connection will help you step towards your relationship success.

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That Old Familiar Place


Do you have a typical “go to” space – an old familiar response place when faced with emotional encounters?  It’s probably a place that you’ve gone to in the past, maybe even since you were a child.  When suddenly faced with someone else’s emotional release, is your automatic response one of anger, fear or resentment?   Do you put up walls, walk away, or assume a defensive stance.   Have you ever asked yourself, “How is this helping the situation or being of service to either myself or the other person?”

It really comes down to a question of values.  A question of whether or not you would benefit from holding onto those values.  Do you choose to do this alone or together with your partner?  Do you stay in black and white or embrace entering into Technicolor?   Which values will advance and strengthen your relationship?  Just because a place is familiar does not mean that it is safe, right or a good place to be.  It simply means that you’ve been there before.

The next Conscious Coaching tip will be #20   The Winds of Change


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Stand Tall


Stand tall – don’ you fall.  Stand strong so you can last long.

Being labeled a man clarifies and quantifies a list of certain characteristics that a male may have.  Similarly being labeled as a woman conjures up a different list of characteristics that a female may possess.  In addition, men and women also have their own unique sets of gifts, talents and tools that they bring along with them.  The question that begs to be answered is: Do you as a man or you as a woman take ownership of these characteristics and abilities?  Are you using these endowments to the best of your capability or are you choosing to be at the effect of what is going on around you?

Women are often more about communication and connection than are men.  Men process emotions and logic differently than women.  We are different and we are similar.   Yet both women and men develop habitual responses and “go to” places when dealing with emotional issues.  Some are productive and supportive, others are destructive and damaging.

We’ll go into more specifics on the next Conscious Coaching with tip #19   That Old Familiar Place

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