The Winds of Change


People can and do change.  Change is inevitable.  As we go through life, we acquire experiences, are exposed to different ideas and get enmeshed in pop culture.  Times change.  Styles change.  Seasons change.  Fashion changes.  Society changes and so do we.  As we age, our thinking processes change.  Things that were once of high importance back then are of little importance now.

Why would we expect people not to change?  Perhaps fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar makes us feel uneasy.  People like to hang on to what’s familiar as it gives us an anchor point – something stable to hang onto.  Sometimes we forget just how flexible and adaptable we are.

The old sayings, “Men marry women hoping they won’t change; women marry men hoping they will.” or “Women marry in the hope that things will change.  Men marry hoping nothing will change.”  Are we obligated to adhere to this?  No.  We have our own minds and can choose our own thoughts and beliefs.

How do you handle change?  Do you stand back or do you embrace the new ride, looking forward to discovering whatever the new possibilities could be?

It’s truly worth the growing pains for long term gains.  Having this discussion will open up areas that were once closed and perhaps festering.  Opening up communication and establishing a solid connection will help you step towards your relationship success.

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