Expanded Connections! – Launching a Newsletter

As I get more comfortable with blogging, expressing my views and life coaching, what once was new and almost daunting has become familiar and comfortable.  From my experience in teaching in the public school system, I found it beneficial (though not always comfortable) to either switch grades (teaching older or younger), teach different students (special needs – my forte) or change locations (new schools = new points of view) about every 5 years or so.

Well, it has come to that just right time to stretch and grow and do something new for me in this realm of blogging and life coaching.  So, I’m launching an electronic newsletter that I’ve titled Monika’s Muse-letter.  It’s got a lot of great content!  There’s a Meat and Potatoes blog post of course and some amusing funnies.  There are sections where I connect with you and you connect with me.  Then there is the “Power Tools” section where I share tips and tools that I use in my coaching practice.

This Muse-letter is chock-a-block full of content that supports, enlightens and amuses and has just a small sprinkling of shameless promotion.  (A gal has to make a living somehow, right?)  The idea is to share lots of great content, allow you to get to know, like and trust me and to share with the world in a new way (well, for me anyway), what I do.

So, I hope you opt-in and enjoy reading Monika’s Muse-letter.  Drop me a line and let me know what you think – really; good, bad or meh, I’d love to learn what you want and then deliver that.   Watch for it coming out the first week of July.

Connecting you to freedom, flexibility and fun!

Cheers to Your Success!


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